Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Long week racing by

Two tests this week and two long days on campus instead of the regularly scheduled one, plus internship hours and while I am only in the middle of the week, I am already tired (More on that later). The first test in Cognitive Linguistic Development went ok, the sample test in class for the ASL test on Thursday didn't go too badly (only missed a couple of signs/sentences), but I need to practice, practice, practice before the actual test. I tend to forget a lot of signs in between class. I need to be attempting to use all of them regularly- better would be communicating with folks outside of class in that manner. I have begun practicing at stop lights and odd moments, and have gotten a few stares from other drivers!

Last night was an orientation for the graduate program. There were some eye raising things, some useful information, (such as being entitled to a private locked room in the library- Yippie- my own room on campus!!), and a few confusing things- such as filling out a set program with only the 'absolute must take minimums' (because it is a huge hassle with admin if one changes one's mind), but not understanding exactly how they are going to show/credit the courses already taken (something only two of us have to be concerned about, but amounts to a third or so of the required courses). There was the slightly worrisome suggestion that everyone only take two classes per quarter! This was an echo of something a former student in the same program had said to me. I know him to be fairly intelligent, so it did give me pause for concern about the way I intended to pursue this degree. I did find out there is a new requirement (national) for seventy hours (new ones) in a community based agency- rather than a government one. Another Yippie- I was specifically told that Tierra was the perfect fit.

More later as I can, about sleep and this phase of life.

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