Wednesday, November 12, 2003

A real thunderstorm tonight.

The scene in parts of Los Angeles tonight was heavy rain, hail that came down for an hour (not minutes) and an unusual amount of lightning strikes (normal average is 1 or 2 per storm; over 100 tonight) that caused many power outages. I decided to turn off my computer thinking the storm was headed my way, but it never arrived. We only got a little light rain that was intermittent.

The pictures in real time of hail piled up in yards and on rooftops, looked exactly like snow. The street flooding in some areas had water up to people's car lights. Our streets frequently flood briefly and flash floods aren't that uncommon, as we aren't really equipped for a lot of rain in a short amount of time. But it was still a very unusual event. Storm Track. I suspect that Thursday's entries for some local blogs will have much better pictures than ABC7. If I find any tomorrow, I will post links.

The power of nature always fascinates me. I like wild thunderstorms and strong winds, as long as I can stay close to home and don't have to drive.

Today was an entire day of studying and academic writing. Tomorrow is another long day and creativity has flown the coop at this stage. Weather is about all I can manage to write about. The goal now is an almost adequate amount of sleep for the night and hopefully some good dreams that I remember in the morning.

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