Monday, November 24, 2003

And a Monday Comes and Goes.

There are some things done, some things closer to being done and new problems to solve. I moved through this day a bit slower than some days for a variety of reasons that are mostly all my own doing.

I wandered blog to blog for a while, into Conscious-Living, and found a treasure of short things to think about.

From there I followed a link to a blog I read regularly (gassho) because I found it one time in one of these wandering sessions (now that I think about it, t'was a wandering mood not session, because I know exactly how I found it I think).

An entry that caught my eye contained the line: "innovation occurs at the intersections of communities", which is attributed to another place, but I would swear I have read it somewhere else. I just can't remember when or where....

... which led me wondering about my memory, as I do forget some small things fairly frequently, and then to thinking and wondering about how many things are probably buried and forgotten until something like this triggers them and even then what I get back is only partial. Is it only partial because I encoded it poorly to begin with? Or is it only partial because it wasn't used? Or because it is old? Or all of those things? What happens to all the information we never get back to using? Does it fade away over time to make space for other things? ...

... and back to the original thought, which was what does it mean really- innovation occurs at the intersections of communities? I think it can... but I don't think that is the only place it occurs. Innovation occurs in a lot of different ways for a lot of different reasons- by accident that is found to work or just does- survive, perform better; by need because there was no way to get there from the here that existed; by need when there is a way, but the resources aren't available.. and on and on.. at the intersections of community yes, but also in isolation, at random, by choice, by invention.

It is time for sleep. I would say something about tangents, but it would be redundant.

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