Friday, November 21, 2003

Other people's agendas.

I need to attend one and preferably two lectures, meditations, or prayer services in one of these temples (linked below) as an assignment for the self assessment class- or I will not have enough points (80 required) even completing all the other assignments perfectly, to pass the class. This Sunday is the only time that it will fit in before the end of the quarter (and it doesn't really fit in this Sunday either)

While there might be some value to the SRF temple visit, I prefer to work on my spiritual side in my own way and under most circumstances as a solo pursuit. I prefer sweat lodges to group meditations. I prefer gatherings of a spiritual community that mean something to me, rather than strangers. I prefer communing with nature and meditations outdoors as often as possible, rather than sitting inside a building listening to someone tell me how to practice my spirituality.

I keep repeating to myself that "I will find something of value".
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