Friday, November 14, 2003

Letting the Day slip away.

I did do some work on my various papers this morning, but not much. I have found plenty of ways to procrastinate and some of them are mentioned at Corner of Babble. Now I have errands to run and don't know when or if I will get back to the paper and the other things I have on my mind.

Older and Growing had a post that gave me pause for thought. The passage he quotes is a very interesting read. I found myself wondering if I know of this seventh sense or if I do know and am resisting any urge to use that as my lens of perception in the end of my middle years. There is something about the tone that signals all sorts of things that seem opposite to my perception of life at this age and stage.

There were many tangents to pursue, if I wanted to (or felt like I could) use the time today that way... Two that quickly come to mind:
Life has many grey areas. We usually do learn to navigate those grey areas in a way that recognizes the inconsistencies and knows when to ignore which of them and that we are ignoring some of them. Life is also finite. We do need to learn to recognize that and accept it for whatever it means to us. Perhaps that is the greyest area of all- that it means something different about what we should do next - to each of us.

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