Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Dashing in and more on community from a different angle.

I fell asleep an hour after I got home, woke up a couple of hours later, so it seemed a good time to toss in a quick post.

In the discussion of community that was swirling around some circles recently and in opposition to some posts I have read about the self absorbed nature of blogs, this aspect of community that I have posted about on Corner, is worth a look. It is about a dispute that is an ongoing problem for Calblog. There are several links, and it is an example of the potential power of blogs when they unite around a problem of one or more. We will see what comes of it. Justene at Calblog has my support and sympathy.

I like the idea of leagues of bloggers united around loose commonalities. The whole idea of it intrigues me. On a social/psych sort of note, humans form communities of stronger or looser ties no matter where they are and these do seem to be another example.

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