Wednesday, March 29, 2006

signs of the day

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." ~Mark Twain

I've definitely got the wrinkles...
wink pink

Some smiles from the day:

Surprise visitor 2

My son said, "Look! There's a rabbit out here"... to which I replied "yeah, right" because I thought he was joking. We have wooden fences on either side of what is a room sized deck/patio area between the condo and the garage. But as you can see, there was a rabbit enjoying the fact that we don't have a deck or paving stones and the weeds are growing like crazy. I grabbed the camera, and Mr. Rabbit who actually lives next door, posed for a couple of pictures.

Another smile of the day-- my new spring/summer hiking boots arrived.

To be completely honest, at the same time I ordered these for hiking, I also ordered a pair of suede boots with three inch heels to indulge another side of me. I don't wear heels that often. I much prefer the speed and functionality of flats and low wedge soles for ordinary day use. I expect the boots below are the ones that will get the most use.

new boots

They are waterproof, lightweight, with lugged rubber soles, and comfy except for a slight stiffness at the left Achilles tendon. I'm wearing them right now with my yoga pants- to break them in, of course. Besides, even though it is a bit like the young child who wears a ballerina tutu and cowboy boots, no one can see me.
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