Saturday, November 06, 2004

If you are still in political mode

I am wandering all around between things in my head today. In my head since Tuesday is the Buffalo Springfield/Steven Still's song: "For What It's Worth".

I posted some links, snippets and my comments in between at Corner: Aftermath echoes and stream of consciousness meandering in between. If you are still in political mode you might want to check out some of the things.

I am bouncing between personal angst, political concerns and 'Saturday chores to do'. Life moves on, no matter how much we might like it to stand still once in a while. I think its time for a quick mountain trip. Maybe Tuesday after errands or more likely Friday, if I don't have a paper to write (nagging little details that I can't find in my calendar and must look up). But I need the air and the change of scenery, along with the absence of city noise. I need to breathe some clarity and calm.

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