Monday, May 01, 2006

small manageable tasks

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one."~Mark Twain

Small manageable tasks and starting on the first one... Well, yes; that's what I think I am doing. Or well, starting on several with as much as I can do for one small part of one and then on to the next to do as much on one small part as can be done and on to the next to....

I don't care about getting ahead; but something is screaming inside about not falling off the cliff, or not letting everything crash to the ground, or being so close to the finish line and not letting it all fall apart... or pick your own analogy.

I delegated all the tasks I could.. husband talking to various folks-- repair/handiperson (estimates on the needed repairs in the thought to make a bid on this place) with my list of what's falling apart in hand, realtor (funny word that; and not spelled as I thought it should) to handle making the bid or maybe finding something else, loan specialist to see if any of it is feasible (only he wants me to talk to that guy later, because he thinks I will understand more about loans and creative financing). He is packing his things, garage things, going through all the excess accumulation from the years here.

I've been combing ads and things like Craigslist for other rentals; contacted Los Angeles Housing people about the time we are supposed to be allowed for finding a new place (120 days seems to be what every written thing says, but my landlord is ignoring that), as well as if there is relocation assistance or not..

Along with all that, I study for comprehensive exams, work on this quarter's classes, fret, pack, work with clients, stress out (did I say that already?), try to do some preliminary work for a study I think I want to do for my last elective needed for the degree.

Under control? No. Handled sort of for the moment? Yes, I think so.. until tomorrow.

I'm not feeling negative exactly -and I mostly think if there is time enough, it is all do-able and everything can work out.. but there is a sort of panic that rises in fits and starts and troubles my sleep.

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