Thursday, April 20, 2006

To learn ...

"To learn anything, you must put aside the safety of your ignorance."
~Richard Bach, Messiah's Handbook

In a much more concrete manner, I have to create and lead a thirty minute workshop on something connected to colleges- for students, faculty, staff, etc. for whom my classmates will act out the roles.

I thought about learning styles as a topic, because it could be presented to fit the time constraints, was useful and certainly pertained to either faculty or students on a college campus. So of course, I am searching for tests, information and so on, some of which I might have already linked.

Here is one I don't think I have linked previously; it's short and quick. I have correspondence pending with its author.

Diablo Valley College Learning Syyle Survey for College, by Catherine Jester and adapted for the web by Suzanne Miller.

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