Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I want to dance

I want to dance lightly under the new leaves and sudden growth of spring.
I want to look closely and smile at each spring flower tilting its head up to feel the sun.
I want to feel the sun and wind's warmth on my face and banish their chill fingers to another season.
I want to escape the walls of human made cocoons, escape the prisons of glass and paint and carpets...
I want the sky to clear and the birds to sing and the traffic noises to be far behind me so as not to remember them, at least for a while.
I want to reach the end of rigidly scripted studies, academic deadlines and work reports, at least for this span of time.
I am bone tired with spirit sagging. I need to have the sky for ceiling. I need to smell the earth, to feel the sun and dance in the embrace of the warm winds.

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