Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lessons to Learn

"Do not learn how to react, but how to respond." ~Buddha

I'm not sure I truly know what that means or if I respond and don't just react... but it seems a good thing to turn over in my mind.

It was a difficult evening, and I confess failure to find a sustainable way to work with one of my clients. This has been an ongoing problem and I prevented her program termination many weeks ago in a last effort. I am her third or fourth instructor with this agency, and no one else will work with her. I hate admitting defeat. It is my hope that another agency can build on the few things we found that did seem to work.

It is an ego deflating moment for me-- admitting defeat-- but several good lessons that I probably needed to know before I move on in my career.

The letter officially confirming my new job, salary, and the start date was on the table to greet me when I arrived home. Fortunately (?) for me in this season, the bad always seems to be closely followed by the good.

Outside, the wind is howling down through the canyons, battering the trees, windows, walls and rooftops. I want to dance with it, but sleep is necessary to meet tomorrow's needs. Maybe I will dream of flying in its arms.

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