Sunday, November 06, 2005


Sherry tagged me and I said I'd play so here is...

20 random things about me:
(Twenty is too difficult; so here are 10:)
1. handy with tools and have my own toolboxs full of them- auto, woodworking, electronic, and crafting
2. figuring out how to make and repair things and how things work (but seldom have time for that pleasure these days)
3. ...miss romance
4. spending all day shopping in person belongs in the how to torture me column
5. ...once held an amateur radio licence, could send and comprehend code
6. ...need alone time in an amount slightly more or roughly equal to the amount of time spent with people
7. ...don't mind being and growing older, but DO mind losing abilities and sometimes mind looking older
8. hard sciences, and never met an academic discipline whose basics couldn't be comprehended with some effort
9. that people think I am competent, capable and strong
10. ...hate that people always think I am strong and don't need a shoulder to lean on or a little fussing over, now and then

7 Things to do before I die?
1. Travel and savor as many places as I can
2. Backpack very slowly up the California Coast Trail or as much of it as is completed (assuming they will have a "seniors" part of the trail???)
3. Find more missing pieces of my family history
4. Learn stonecutting and silver jewelry making techniques
5. Study more geology, seismology and physical geography, re-learn Latin
6. Learn to tango, salsa, etc.
7. Hold a grandchild in my arms

7 Things I cannot do:
(cannot do any longer or never could:)
1. summersaults
2. cartwheels
3. flips (never could)
4. backbends
5. lift 65 pounds (used to lift much more when I weighed less!! but I can carry almost that much in a backpack)
6. read teeeny tiny print
7. tolerate injustice in my presence

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. intelligence
2. empathy
3. confidence
4. intelligence
5. empathy
6. confidence
7. intelligence

7 things I say most often
1. How do you feel about that?
2. You can do it
3. Great job!
4. really [.?!]
5. good, and you?
6. Wonderful!
7. oh sh*t!

7 Celebrity crushes?
nah... my last celebrity crushes were George Harrison and Paul McCartney in 1968
These days I do find several of them physically attractive in a mild, easy on the eye, sort of way, but I wouldn't call it a crush.

Later edit: OOPS!! I was supposed to tag someone, I think. But instead, I will leave it open for anyone to pick up.

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