Friday, November 11, 2005

Random notes

Random notes; maybe I'll have some photos later...

Slight Frowns:

When did so many places stop considering Veteran's day as a holiday? Soldiers don't make the decisions that take us to a war and their service ought to be honored.

Listening to Shrub speak makes me cringe (as I've mentioned repeatedly for different reasons at different times). He should shut up now about the things he is currently stumbling over to say, because re-spinning facts isn't going to change the light beginning to glow in the middle of the country.

One should be highly suspicious of a parent company who lets the health insurance premium payments for one of it's subsidiaries lapse while still deducting said premiums from the employee's paychecks.

In the same vein, thank goodness sometimes, for bureaucracy where one hand doesn't know what the other one is doing- as in an HMO accounting department sending out a letter saying they've cancelled insurance, but the computer still lists that person as a member so prescriptions could be picked up at the member price and she could still get a free flu shot. Here's to hoping that the wheels continue to turn that way if there is an emergency over the weekend or until this is sorted out.

Why don't leafblowers require sound mufflers? Better yet, why aren't they banned entirely in their gasoline powered form?

Why is there more and more junk snail mail that needs shredding? Remember the days when one could stand over a plain wastebasket and sort the incoming mail?


The sun is out today, with some cumulonimbus clouds hanging about growing taller, decorating the sky over the mountains (which are also visible- yipppie!!).

I'm grateful for a boss who writes glowing reports to my academic program advisor (and even tells me some of these things in person when he doesn't need to- it's a great motivator!). He won't see this, but I did thank him with a note.

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