Thursday, November 13, 2008

A piece of summer

We went to Cambria in July. We stayed in an inn on Moonstone Beach. It was the first vacation as a couple that didn't involve a trip to the Mid-West or East coast to see family. We've been married 25 years (in July) and never been on a vacation alone, just the two of us. Almost scary stuff, that.

It was gorgeous and interesting and of course, chilly on the central coast. We walked on the beach several times a day. We did some touristy things like going to Hearst Castle, and a little local art and trinket shopping. I am always amazed at the amount of 'made in some third world country' stuff mixed in with the real thing that is available in these little tourist towns.

It was a very pleasant week. But there were vague, discomfort just below the surface, feelings, bobbing into almost focus in random little moments. That has been happening for a couple of years. I haven't figured out exactly what is wrong and what I ought to be doing instead of what I am -- and I think that flows over into a lot of different things it has no business coloring.

And at the oddest moments, it still does.

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