Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tomorrow counts

I wanted to post something before midnight, but I didn't make it. Today was busy with all sorts of things, most of them academic, but one was about a possible job that would fit with classes and future internship hours.

Wednesday at 1 PM is my interview for the masters program. I have alternated between being too busy to think about it and being nervous. I am actually seldom nervous for interviews of any kind unless I am completely winging it, and even then being able to focus on others (even if I have to force myself to do that) and not reflect in the moment on what they are thinking about me, tends to negate any nervousness that occurs.

But before and after, I do know I am being evaluated when they are interviewing me. Tomorrow really counts more than many other interviews. There are several outcomes for my future that depend on it. Among the more mundane it means a future difference in salary which in the social services field is quite a bit. It means a future direction that could include the difference between being closely supervised or not and being free to use all my skills in the way I see best to do the job at hand.

It appears I am among the first interviews for the available slots for the program. I haven't decided if that is good or bad.

Tomorrow counts and tonight I am nervous.

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